May 25

The internet ever since it’s inception has advanced at lightning speed, while at the same time revolutionizing the entire world. If we were to compare the technology of the internet 10 years ago to what we have today, the past technology almost seems laughable. The fastest and most up to date innovations to our online landscape are now making it easier than ever to connect to anyone in the world in fractions of a second.

The connection speeds are incredible compared to the era of dial-up, with T-1 lines and fiber optics to thank for that. Fiber optics are widely considered the wave of the future for the internet, incorporating razor thin strands of glass that carry digital information at incredible speeds. This “digital information” can be in the form of light, and with light carrying data our concept of high-speed will be forever changed.

Touch screens, compact computers, smaller hard drives (some the size of a rice grain), and terabytes of storage capacity are setting the bar higher than ever before. Even with all this, technology is still bounding forward with no end in sight, and all indicators are that what we now know will be obsolete before long.Related Article : Fiber optic network almost ready to serve rural Kansans

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