Sep 15
Tips for First-Time Home Internet Owners
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If you’re thinking about getting home internet for the very first time and you’re totally overwhelmed by researching wireless internet providers and talking pricing, we’ve got some basic questions to start with. Using the web doesn’t have to be scary as long as you cover all your bases
What Are You Using it For? – Ask yourself how much time you’ll actually spend online and exactly what you’ll be doing there. If you’re going to be playing live action games all night rather than simply emailing and checking the news you’re going to need a better plan and more bandwidth.
Find Out What Options Are Available – You’ve got to check and see what your options are before you start pricing. Some areas don’t have DSL or cable available and satellite internet is a better choice while some may only have dial up.
Think About Cost – It may make sense to consider bundling your internet along with other utilities like phone and TV service. It makes billing easier and can often save you and your family money.

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