Sep 23
Web Hosting: Find Tips on Severs and Network Security
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Businesses that have a web presence know that they need to watch the security of their web server. They may not store a lot of their customer’s data, but their customers still want to know that the data a business does keep is not subject to any number of cyber space attacks. As a business owner, you may not store people’s social security information or their credit card information for more than a few minutes, but it is still possible a computer hacker can get into those files during this time.

The first thing a business owner can do to make sure that he is taking care of his customer’s data is to have a firewall installed.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. The firewall will prevent many attacks to the server directly. It does not prevent someone from reading the data later. To protect the user’s data after it leaves, the best way is to use a web browser and server capable of supporting the HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol automatically encrypts the user data.

A small business does not need to do much to protect their user data. They are less likely to be a target of an attack by hackers than a large business, but they cannot ignore data security entirely.

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