Aug 9

Here are some of the services that you will want to look for when trying to decide which hosting company is right for your business. Network security is a big issue, not only because it protects your information. It also protects your clients and customers and users.

The first security that you will want to make sure that your hosting package covers is firewall protection. Fire walls protect against intrusions from the outside not only to the sites, but the servers as well. Firewalls can also limit the access between networks.

The next security measure you should check for is intrusion detection software or IDS.This/tag helps explain it more. This software is designed not to only look for intrusions outside the network for attacks, but also inside the networks. If it detects an attack it will alert a system administrator.

If you are running a business you will want to make sure that your host also has distributed denial of service protection. Essentially this service can keep a hacker from sending a virus to your site from a network of computers that could over load the server and make it impossible for your customers to get through. This service protects against that so that you website continues to be available to your users.

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