Aug 14
Web Hosting Tips: Network Security, Servers, and More
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As a webmaster, the security of your websites are often beyond your personal control. Essentially, the hosting company is responsible for the security of all of your webpages that are hosted on their servers. These days, hacking is a real concern for any hosting company. Hackers can penetrate an entire server complex that’s used for military, government and commercial operations. This means that the average web hosting company is also at great risk of getting hacked. Hopefully, webmasters select reliable hosting companies that have a dedicated staff towards cyber security.

These professionals monitor all suspicious activity on the servers that are used to host websites. In case of a cyber attack, a hosting company can simply shut down its entire network to prevent a breach of the entire system. This means that your website may be down for an indefinite amount of time but at least the webpages will not be threatened by an attack.

Webmasters can also take some steps towards website security. For example, they can create encrypted passwords and usernames that are used to access FTP programs for downloading and uploading files remotely. Additionally, webmasters should block off any spam coming towards their website’s pages and emails.

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