Sep 19
Internet Advancements and New Technology in a Blog
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The internet is advancing at the speed of light. For a technology that is just over thirty years old, it has impacted on our lives like no other. We rely on the internet for nearly all sorts of communications, day to day task management, virtually all kinds of office work amongst others. The internet has redefined our social agendas with social-networking software and online messaging. Long distance communications have become extremely cheap with voice over internet protocols (VOIP). Multimedia is now integrated tightly into the internet to bring audio and video streams to us. With ever increasing internet bandwidth, complex and rich cloud based applications are now available as a service.

Along with all these advancements, internet security has made strides as well. The information stored in the cloud that is very private to us is now more secure than ever before, thanks in part to ever increasing security barriers. We are now required to enter passwords as well as several other key pieces of information to gain access to our data. We are always suggested to change our login information regularly, and the formats are increasingly difficult for hackers to penetrate. Modern service’s providers now invariably offer highly increased levels of security in the form of certificates that you must install regularly.

Most service providers state outright the level of security that is provided and which technologies are implemented for it to achieve this. Sophisticated encryption is always offered and is now getting to be impossible for hackers to penetrate. Integration is offered with your office systems so that your dependency on expensive servers is reduced. Redundancies are always mentioned upfront, and backup plans made transparent to users. Data centre specifications are listed so that user confidence is kept high. Advancements in the internet continue to offer us services that bring the internet, literally, into our lives.

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