May 11
The Newest and Best Internet Hosting Advancements
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Website hosting really has not advanced that much since the concept was introduced. The servers the sites are much more hardware intensive and capable of running many processes more efficiently than their older predecessors. The few advances that have occurred let a person use a wide area network efficiently as the local network. Microsoft has called it cloud computing, but cloud computing entails something other than the Microsoft usage. When a person sets up a cloud computer network, a third party server handles many different websites and hosting applications.

Most web site hosting services will keep up on the latest applications. A customer should expect a service to handle SQL, PHP, Ajax and many other scripting languages. All modern browsers support Hypertext markup language and Javascript. A good hosting service will upgrade these services as soon as an upgrade becomes available. One thing a user cannot expect is that hosting services will run on Windows. Unix offers more secure hosting services. The Linux license costs the business nothing. Windows licenses can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for larger business applications. A user who is familiar with Linux can gain more benefit from the cloud computing services than a person who does not.

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