Jul 10

When consumers are on the market for different security options on the web and getting the latest server software, they must consider the pros and cons of each producer of these security devices; especially if they are web hosting, and there are many users which come to thier site.

Web security is probably, if not the most, important part of web administration (web hosting). If the hosts server is not secure, it can be somewhere that hackers will thrive on and use, either to attack the hosts customers directly, or to turn the site into a “zombie” and send out spam messages (containing malicious spyware) to the hosts consumers. Therefore, if you are a web host, especially if you have a very large customer base, you want to make sure your security systems are up to date, therefore eliminating the ways in which hackers can enter your site, and steal your customers’ information.

Web server(s) is an acutual program which runs on the server machine. The web administrators are in charge of making sure the server is running smoothly, and keeps the servers up to date. They maintain the servers using the latest patches, and making sure that the web pages which it displays, are actually being displayed. Without a web server, you have no web page.

Maintaining the most up to date web servers, web software programs, and most importantly, an up to date security system, is key to maintaining a great web hosting site, and keeping your client base safe from hackers. Making sure to use the newest technologies on the market, and in some cases, spending more money to make sure you have a secured site, is critical is you want to properly maintain your site, protect your assets, and most importantly, protect your clients (and thier identities) from hackers.

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